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English Language Classes

The customised learning environment will be designed and delivered to a personalised plan, based upon discussions about your needs and end goals.  Andy Wright has many years of experience, teaching a wide variety of subjects to many different ages and abilities.  In 2018 Andy studied the TEFL qualification, with the aim of teaching English as a foreign language.  He started the process by teaching his Thai wife, who had been studying for the certificate to allow for application of a UK visa with another school.  Following the failure at exam stage, which destroyed her confidence, this made it harder to make progress; however progress was made eventually, with her skills vastly improved.

Types of Lessons

Verbal English (Speak and Listen)

Certificated (IELTS) English

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I am married to a Thai lady, and this was partly the inspiration to become certified to teach English as a foreign language.  My wife's tutors were, in my opinion, focussed too much on her passing an examination rather than her ability to converse.  Learning via "rote" is not an ideal system for conversing naturally.  Her confidence was knocked when she failed what should have been an easy exam pass.  My focus is on ensuring clients can converse well, but should a certificate be required, (e.g. for a visa), then this will be covered too.

Andy Wright

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Zoom Online Classes

All lessons are through ZOOM, and this app can be used on PC, tablet or cell phone.  A link is sent to you, which is your personal connection to the lesson you have booked.  You may need to download the app for the  best results.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay for lessons via PAYPAL, a simple transfer of funds.  Other methods available are direct to BANGKOK BANK, THAILAND (details provided on request).  If you cannot pay via those methods, please contact before booking.

People with no English at all are able to learn, using simple methods taught during the TEFL certification programme.  Some home work and text books may be suggested.

Your lesson time will be suitable for your location.  At the moment the UK has a 6-7 hour zone, with Thailand ahead of time.  Later, when I am living in Thailand, this will not be an issue.

Of course there will be busy periods, but the sessions are pre-planned so that you know what time and day your lesson is.  

ZOOM is the preferred method of attending a class, and the link will be available to you, on PC, Tablet or Mobile.  You will need a reasonably fast internet connection.

Of course, the UK government uses the IELTS certificate system. Beware it is not the same as the IELTS standard, even though the coursework and exam are the same.  If you're in Thailand, the exam will be held in Bangkok.


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